​Peace-Builders were inspired by their own personal experiences with discrimination and intolerance, and that of family members and other people around them.  All team members agreed with the statement: “Because intolerance/violence sets us back as a society, we need to be accepting and be able to work together to initiate change.” 
    Team members feel that it is ignorance that causes people to be intolerant.  There were many conversations taking place before and during the March, with participants, from different backgrounds and experiences, sharing their stories.


We learned that it is not necessary to start from scratch to build a group or start a “movement.” We learned that we can build on existing relationships and resources to make a difference and have an impact. We also learned that young people can have power and influence. The Peace-Builders Team was able to expand the focus of a community March being planned; bring young people into visible leadership roles and maximize the “impact” they had.
It built our self-awareness and confidence as we were able to show young people taking on leadership responsibilities; and being present, active and respected throughout the process.

 “It made me more hopeful about our generation; me and my family felt welcomed in Columbus, when we have only been in this country seven months.” (Dilara) 
 “It gave me a feeling that I have power equal to others (adults) on the Steering Group and I was respected for my contributions.”(Durya) 
 “It was my first March and I didn’t know what to expect.  Our Peace-Builder posters were everywhere and so many people were carrying them.” (Fitnat)