Peace-Builders stand firmly by the belief that youth can make a difference today. We have a responsibility to help create the future society we want to live in – one free of cultural intolerance and religious hate. 
Today’s youth are the adults tomorrow! Peace-Builders are dedicated to bringing youth representation to interfaith events and create positive interactions with diverse people.

We are committed to make a
Brighter Future!
 Peace-Builders is a group of young people (aged 13-24) the strive for a unified nation by breaking chains of intolerance and building bridges among different cultures and religion through positive communications and interactions
The team has been primarily Muslim young women, with backgrounds from Turkey and Pakistan.  There is diversity in their experience living in the United States. One girl was born in this country; and the other two are immigrants, with one being in this country only 7 months.  Only two of them knew each other prior to getting involved in Peace-Builders. Our other core member comes from a different background and is Catholic.

 "Peace Builders (Columbus, Ohio) – This group of female high school students representing Christian, Jewish and Muslim faiths is addressing intolerance and violence in their high school and community by working with local faith-based nonprofit organizations. Peace-Builders participated in an April 2 "Interfaith March for Peace and Justice" parade along with more than 300 people and 20 local organizations. The group plans to include male students and to create a multi-faith peace movement. As part of its efforts to bridge cultural and religious divides, Peace-Builders plans to host events where adults and children of different faiths can share holiday meals and traditions."
(The New York Times,  June 8, 2017)
​​​​​Peace-Builders presents a united interfaith front, demonstrating that young people who come from different back- grounds can work together to           help others. With the inclusion of nine faiths (Baha’i, Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Jain, Judaism, Sikh and Unitarian Universalist), Peace-Builders will organize activities to educate people about different religions and cultures. We will utilize cross-cultural communication and raise awareness of hate crimes to promote peace and justice for all. ​